Easiest football bets to win

There have been different success stories in betting. Stories of punters winning thousands of dollars from 50p stakes have been revealed. We all know that betting can be somewhat frustrating and costly when people find it difficult to win.
To be among the winners, you need to follow the football betting principles and strategies. This football betting guide will show you how to place a stake with higher chances of success!

Types of bets in football


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1X2 betting type is a betting type that is seen as the commonest types of betting. This is the most popular form of football betting with either win or draws betting. With this, there are three possible outcomes. It can also be tagged as the 3-way betting. This is simply because it is simple to understand.

  • A home win
  • An away win
  • A draw

Placing a 1 x 2 bet

Possibilities in 1X2 betting type are in 3 places at the end of the game. 1X2 bets give you the opportunity to bet on one of the 3 possible outcomes.
The full description shows 1 to represent home team win, 2 away Team win and X when draw ends the game. It is a full time-based betting system. In cases of extra time, draw options no more count.
Two Spanish league teams can be used to explain for your proper understanding. Real Madrid vs Barcelona game. In 1X2 betting, a win for 1 means Real Madrid won the betting game. If Barcelona wins the game, that is 2. X means draw was the game results.
The real calculation is done for you to understand the Bet 365 odds were 2.36 for Real Madrid win while 2.5 for Barcelona win. The odds given for draw result are 3.24. From the odds, we can Real Madrid seem to be preferred as the game winner with the presented odds.
What this simply indicates is that when considering the use of 100 stakes in the betting for Real Madrid as the match winner will be calculated as 236 yields if they actually win as predicted.
In the other case, if the match goes in the opposite direction and Barcelona wins the match, the odd yield will be 250 while in case of a draw, it will be 324.

Double Chance

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Double chance betting is another type that people have to reduce their risk of losing their stake. You will have the chance of considering two of the three possible outcomes in the game. You can then take the two outcomes as a paired-single bet for your betting. In this type, you will have to consider either a win or draw for a team.
The indication for this is simple. You win the bet when the team either win or draw at the end of the game. In case, the other team wins, you automatically lose the bet.
The good thing about this betting type is that there is a reduction of risk of loss in the betting system.
The issue with it is that odd that are linked with it is usually lower compared to win only or draw the only type of betting.

Draw No Bet

This is another betting variant whereby the only available betting option is for win alone. There is no room for having a draw option. Win placement option is only available. If the team you placed your bet on wins the game, then you win the bet. But in the case where it goes the other way, you lose the bet. However, when the match ends in a draw, your stake will be returned to you.

Over / under

Over/under is another variant of the betting system which is linked with a number of goals scored in the game.

How Over/Under betting works

It works following different modes which are explained below;
In a situation when the betting sites placed a probability for goals from both teams to be more than 2 or 3 goals
The Over/Under simply means if you place a bet for both teams to score a total of 2.5 goals and at the end of the game, 3 goals were eventually scored, you have automatically won the bet. If this goes another way i.e the number of goals is less than 2 that is a loss for the person placing the bet.

Both Teams to Score

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This variant shows that there is a chance for both teams to score at the end of the game.
The good part of the betting style is that if the two teams score in first half of the game, you can easily cash out because you have already won the bet. However, if eventually, the game ends with one of the teams scoring, you have lost the bet.


The handicap system or variant is another popular type of betting among punters. It is somewhat difficult to understand for newbies. If you are newcomers into betting, you can understand with the description below. There is the level playing field for workers too. A goal handicap can turn to be positive or negative.
The determinants there are to be considered. There are various forms of handicap betting types.

Level Handicap

Zero goal handicap betting is a form of handicap betting system which is used when there is no noticed difference in both team’s abilities. In this case, the betting website makes a level handicap bet available.
For you to win in this type of system, you need to place your bet on the team you predicted to score more goals at the end of the game. In case the game ends in a draw; you get your stake back but a win for the other team, is a loss of bet for you.

Single Handicap

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When there is a notable major difference among the teams in terms of their abilities gives the option for single handicap.
A difference in goals will be placed on the stronger team (either positive or negative), e.g. a -0.5, -1, or -1.5 goal difference.
In order for you to win in this variants betting type, a -1 goal handicap betting for team A means the team needs to score 1 goal more compared to the team B in order for you to win.

Split Handicap

A split handicap is placed when there is little or no major difference among the team to play especially in their capabilities. The goal handicap to be placed is then split between both teams. Team A may be decided to be given a 0 or -0.5 handicap and this was your choice to win the match but they eventually lost the match, you have lost your bet. If the team wins the game, you automatically win your bet. A draw in the match means your -0.5 will be lost and 0 stakes are returned to you.

Research before betting

Information is a key to successful betting. It gives you the key and directs you to place a stake at a reduced risk when you understand the principles and have a database of information relating to the teams involved. Building a strategy is a tasking process and takes more time. Research quality determines the bet success.

Team form

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When you have full detail and information regarding the team present form, this helps your decision relating to the placement of bet.
Idea, abilities at present plays huge role in influencing someone’s decision.
The present team squad, their goals scored or conceded with possession will indicate their past performances. Checking this with the last 5 games played is very important when planning.

  • Number of goals scored
  • Number of goals conceded
  • Possession

Home and away records

It is also very important to consider the head to head (H2H) status before predicting the outcome of a game. This gives a better opportunity to have an idea of how both teams played against each other previously.
The home and away records will be considered. In the case when there is a good performance of team X with other teams around but with the present opposition (Team Y) they always make a draw out of it, that have a strong mental and historical effects that could affect a game. In this situation, it always better not to place a bet on team X because of the associated historical effect with the opposing team Y

History between the two clubs

The recent form might be influential but the place of history can’t be overemphasized. It plays major plays a major role when it comes to some matches or clubs.

Team news

The current team news gives a better information system regarding a team. This is important before you place a bet. When you are fully aware of the information relating to the team forms especially in terms of player injury, suspension, and doubtful players are major determinants for match possible outcomes.

  • Suspended players
  • Injured players
  • Doubtful players


Players and coaches create a strong motivation for the teams. It is always very important because of the psychological influence it always has on the players and the resultant effects on the team form as a whole.
This could affect their form negatively or positively and when it occurs, morale level could either be improved or decrease depending on the motivation.
We always expect strong results from world-class teams but when morale is low, such teams could disappoint.
An injured player could also influence the whole especially when such player seems to be a strong player for the team. When they are meant to have a game to be played, an injured player could influence their morale hence their confidence to face another team.
Those that have experience and good with betting understand the influence of motivation on a team and usually consider that before placing a bet.


People usually overlook this part of football betting. This is because a lot usually do not consider the influence of schedule on team’s plans and arrangement. When you understand this part of betting, it influences your decision of the likely winner of game and making of effective prediction of the lineup for the present game.

Common football betting mistakes

You also need to understand this to be careful how to avoid them. Keep reading to find out more.

Misunderstanding value

Value misunderstanding plays a major role in football betting and is common among bettors. You don’t have to have the view that value is only about a belief but you need to get it right that it is a correct interpretation of the available information, data, models, and trend of the concerned team. When you have the full understanding of what is it is all about. This gives you the opportunity to make better prediction decision and improved success.

Betting with emotion

You need to avoid being emotional when it comes to making the right decision in football betting. It creates emotinal bias when making a betting decision. It is a common issue because of the passion people have for their supporting teams. This is one major mistake that affects people’s decision or opinion about placing a bet.
You will have to avoid making betting decision or predictions that are not based on principles or strategies. It is important for you to ensure you enhance your betting skills or success, and that biases or emotion fully controlled.

Following the crowd

Following of crowd-based decision affects a lot of decision in making a right prediction. Most people that based their prediction on this always make wrong choices. This is because it can influence the bettor’s emotion or understanding of right odd to pick. But this is a disastrous betting strategy for two because:

  • Most people bettors lose more money than they gain
  • The odds of a result backed by the majority is usually very low

Sticking with losing systems

Sticking to a losing strategy or system is a bad betting style. Once you notice a style that fails mostly, you need to avoid continuing using such. You need to look for another working style or strategy before placing your bet.
There is no single working betting style with 100 % success rate. Those styles that have already been proven to work can even disappoint when not even expected.
Bear in mind that before making your decision, to overcome situations like this, you need to be focused and persevere in betting success.