How to cancel a bet in Betika

At one point in time, we have all wished we could cancel a bet right after confirming the transaction due to a change of heart or a mistake. Well, placing stakes with betika offers you that opportunity as long as it is executed within the first ten minutes after confirming the bet.

Once you have your BET ID (this is usually received after placing a stake), you can cancel a bet via SMS by sending “CANCEL#BET ID” to 29090.

You will receive a notification afterwards informing you of a successful bet cancellation process.

To cancel a bet via Betika’s webpage, the process is also seamless. Log into the official website, locate “my Bets”, select the particular BET ID, click on “CANCEL BET” and confirm the process.

All things being equal, none of the preferred bet cancellation options will cost you more than two minutes.