How to place a bet in Betin

All duly registered Betin punters can place stakes via the online platform or SMS.  

To place stakes via Betin’s official website, visit and sign in.

1. After signing from your phone, you will see a homepage similar to the one shown below.

As a Soccer-biased bookmaker, you will find lots of upcoming soccer matches on the first page. For more betting options, click on the “menu” link.

2. Upon locating your team/sport of choice, you can decide to bet on a single game or multiple games. For multiple games on a single ticket, all you need to do is select and the automated bet slip at the bottom of the screen will add them.

3. To insert the amount you want to place as stake, click on the “betslip” icon. After clicking on the aforementioned icon, you should see a page similar to the one shown below.

After inserting your desired amount (minimum of Kshs 50) and clicking on “Place Bet”, your next step will be to sit back, relax and hope the outcome favours you.

For the SMS betting option, send an SMS in this format “Match ID# proposed Result # Stake” to 29456. Example: 6456#1#200 (where 6456 is the Game ID, 1 means you picked a home win and 200 is your stake).

You will receive a confirmation message notifying you of your Betin account balance, proposed win and the Bet ID.