How to place a bet on Betyetu

To place online bets on Betyetu, your first step will be to log in via the official website and select your genre of choice. You can decide to choose from the upcoming matches or go through the catalogues for your preference.

To place a bet on Betyetu via SMS, we will use “Liverpool VS Chelsea” as an instance.

Home Win = (1), Draw = (X), Away Win = (2)

Liverpool vs. Chelsea event code = 5555

The amount placed = Ksh500

To place a single bet on “Liverpool vs. Chelsea, use any of the descriptions below:

For a Liverpool win, your SMS should look similar to the one shown above.

For a Draw, you should follow the sample shown above (“Bet 5555#x*500”)

For a Chelsea win, your text should follow the above sample.

You will receive a message confirming the receipt of any of the bet placed. Please, do note that the SMS number is only available on Airtel and Safaricom network in Kenya.