Meaning of Handicap Betting

Meaning of Handicap Betting

Handicap betting style is common and popularly used by sports betters with interest in point-based games like Rugby, Soccer, Basketball and Horse Racing. Among variants of Handicap Betting options, Asian handicap seems to be the most used among Kenyan Betters.

Though Handicap also comes in variants, the central idea behind its inception into the betting scene is to give deficits or surplus to a supposedly stronger or weaker team.

The image shown above is that of an Asian Handicap. The major distinguishing factor behind the Asian Handicap and other types of handicap is that the former is designed to eliminate the possibility of s draw. That is why it comes in decimals.

With a Handicap bet, your team of choice does not necessarily have to win before you are declared a winner. Similarly, you can also lose your stake money if your team of choice does not score enough goals. To put in simple terms, handicap betting is all about the goal difference.