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SportyBet Super Bonus offers the highest bonus in Kenya! 135%
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Basic information
Name SportyBet
Odds Quality

The higher the value, the better

The maximum value is 100. We do not recommend playing with Odds Quality below 90

Year Established 2007
Jurisdiction Nigeria
Bettors from Kenya Accepted
Owners SportyBet Ltd
Currencies KES, EUR, USD
Deposit Options M-Pesa, Bank Transfer
Sports covered
English Premiere League
Kenyan Premier League
La Liga
Serie A
France Liga 1
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Sporty Bet is one of the best online bookmakers in Kenya and Nigeria. On this website, you can place your online bets on virtual sports, jackpot, and financials. The site also offers a weekly jackpot in the form of a cash price and many other betting gifts like bonuses. It is Africa’s number one sports betting company.

Desktop & Mobile Betting

The desktop and mobile site of Sporty Bet looks very clean and is easy to understand. The site has right-sized boxes and offers many winning opportunities, decent promotions, virtual play, and a sizable jackpot. It also has a strong social media presence. Its mobile app offers a unique gaming experience.


The Sporty Bet site is endorsed by legendary Nigerian soccer legend, Kanu Nwankwo. It offers all the relevant information, like terms and conditions, FAQs, and disclaimers, in a neat and precise package.

Betting options, in-play, live streaming

Sporty Bet covers five sporting codes in basketball, cricket, tennis, and football. The Virtual Play option also offers many other sports bets like dog racing and horse racing. The live in-play option is a strong feature of Sporty Bet and is a popular way of wagering on a live contest.

Betting Limits

The minimum bet is Ks 50, which will earn the punter 150 Shillings free gameplay. The weekly jackpot can earn the winner up to 1,000,000 if 9 and 10 predictions are correct.


The site offers bonuses to new players with promotional giveaways that triple your deposit. The site also offers a ‘refer a friend’ bonus. There are also many other bonuses, like the Rafiki gift. It also offers weekly jackpot to lucky players. Other common bonuses at Sporty Bet include sign up bonus, app download bonus, multiple bet bonus boost, jackpot bonus, thank you bonus, etc.

SportyBet Super Bonus offers the highest bonus in Kenya! 135%

Withdrawal features

Withdrawing from the Sporty Bet site is very easy and can be done within some seconds. Sporty Bet uses M-pesa for its withdrawal feature. You can also make use of the bank transfer option to make a deposit or withdraw your money from Sporty Bet. Additionally, you can withdraw or deposit directly from the website. The maximum withdrawal limit per transaction is KES 70,000.00, along with an additional carrier fee of KES 33.

Payout time

The payout time on Sporty Bet is almost instant. All you need to do is go to My Account and find the Withdraw option. Type down the amount you wish to withdraw and you will see that the amount is sent to your M-pesa account after a confirmation.

Customer support

The customer support service of Sporty Bet is its primary feature. Their customer support representatives are very professional and will help you in every way possible. You can contact them via telephone (+254 20 7640825), live chat, as well as email ( Most of them can speak in two languages for better communication and are available 24×7.


It is no surprise that many people are a fan of this online casino. There are thousands of sports betting sites that are coming up in Africa today, but most of them tend to make bad first impressions.
But, Sporty Bet is one site that continues to wow players all over Africa and is becoming a favourite. They have a solid jackpot for its players and a bigger focus on the website’s sports betting sections.

so i've spent 3 times as much as my winnings, it never took 24 hours to accept my deposit, but it takes this crazy long to access my winnings?????? Chat started Vance joined the chat Vance Hi, welcome to SportyBet. How may I assist you today? avatar read my concern Vance Kindly assist me with the 6 digits ticket ID avatar 499439 I had to borrow money so I can counter my bet... it's kinda fair paying it back asap.. please btw...what amount do you have to win to wait so loongg so i can stop beeting for such wins... this is frustrating. Vance Kindly allow me a few minutes to check this. avatar Put yourself in my shoes, it's been more than 14 hours Vance Sir since it is a big prize winning. You need to wait for 48 hours avatar lol... now it's 48 hours?? from 24 hours.. so what's the limit on getting paid fast? Vance Sir it will be credited. We request you to please wait since it is a big prize winning avatar what are you auditing again? or what are you checking? WHAT DID YOU SAY THE LIMIT FOR NO AUDIT IS? HOW HARD IS IT CONFIRM THE BETS WON? Vance Since it is your win and it is big prize winning. We request you to wait It will be settled soon. avatar HOW MUCH DO YOU LABEL AS "BIG PRIZE?" 14 HOURS LATER IS NOT SOON? HAVE YOU GUYS CHECKED HOW LONG OTHER BETTING COMPANIES PAYOUT THEIR PRIZES? YOU HAVEN'T TOLD ME WHAT "BIG PRIZE" IS? NEED TO KNOW TO AVOID THIS WAIT. Vance We do not have idea of other betting services We would request you to wait avatar YOU WON'T GIVE ME AN IDEA OF YOUR "BIG PRIZE?" I REALLY WANT TO AVOID THIS WAIT..IT;'S FRUSTRATING.... WHEN I MAKE THE BET IT'S NOT BIG PRIZE...WHEN YOU HAVE TO PAY IT'S BIG PRIZE?? I REAALY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHERE THE WAIT IS COMING FROM? I'VE WON MORE WITH SPORTPESA AND BETIN, NEVER HAD TO WAIT MORE THAN AN HOUR??? 14 HOURS LATER AND YOU ARE STILL REQUESTING ME TO WAIT?? Type a message here...

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