Over 1.5 Handicap Betting Strategy

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Over 1.5 betting strategy is one of the several variants of Handicap Football Betting Strategy. If you place an over 1.5 Handicap bet, this means your team needs to score 2 or more goals in the game. The 0.5 deducted is to remove the possibility of a draw.
On the other hand, under 1.5 betting means, your team only needs 1 goal favour and if it exceeds a goal, then, you are losing the bet.
You may likely see your betting outcome settled as an “H” instead of win or lose, this is simply because there is a probability for game points line to change and the result may not be “win or lose” but an under/over figure.
Check the Handicap Betting Table shown below for a further understanding of over/under 1.5 – 3.5 betting tactics.

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