How to Bet on Sportpesa (via SMS)

Without having an internet connection, you can place stakes via SMS and win real money by following the steps highlighted later on as long as you are a registered member.

1. Using a soccer game as an example, your first step is to choose from the three possible outcomes which are as follows: A home win (1), A Draw (X) or an away win (2).

After deciding, send an SMS to 79079 with the Game ID, your prediction (valid for full-time) and the stake value in the following format: 8954#1#100 (where 8954 is the game code, 1 is your prediction which signifies home win and 100 is the amount you wish to place as a stake).

2. After successfully sending the message, you will receive a confirmation SMS similar to the one shown below.

3. Upon receiving this message, the process of placing bets via SMS has been completed. Now, sit back and hope the game’s outcome favours you.